Together with our City and Real Estate partners, we’re going beyond the charge, implementing innovative, sustainable mobility solutions for now and the future.

By partnering with select brands, we provide property owners and cities with innovative new mobility solutions, while bringing free charging and intelligent mobility services to communities across the country.


Higher Traffic, Longer Visits, Increased Revenues and Happier Customers.

Universal's elegant network of smart mobility charging stations and mobility services offers brands a powerful platform to deliver their message, all while supporting communities and helping to provide a more livable and sustainable future to pass on to the next generation.



We Go beyond the charge, maximizing the full value of your property.

As pioneers of Shopping Center and Retail OOH advertising, we know one size and one format does not fit all! We work closely with developers and property owners to design and implement a custom-tailored experience for each venue. Our advanced modeling takes into account average visit time, current site demand, and future growth estimate to optimize the size and mix of Level 2 and DC fast-charging stations at each location, increasing the infrastructure to meet the demand. Universal’s mobility network is designed to easily scale at each location to accommodate the rapid growth of electric vehicles.

Powering the future of mobility experience, together!

Free EV Charging

Our partners provide their customers with free EV Charging, enhancing their experience as they visit and shop at your properties.


Make every user experience unique. Create a fully personalized customer journey and maintain a long-lasting relationship, predicting behaviors and meeting their preferences.

Seamless Installation

Our team of experts will work together with your team to install Universal's EV digital charging station onto your properties.

Smart Digital EV Kiosks

Our intelligent charging solutions attract more highly engaged visitors to your property, for longer periods of time.

AI + Predictive Analytics

Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and predictive analytics are paving the way for intensive customer-centric data that can generate leads, increase sales and enhance the customer experience.

Increase Engagement + Revenue

Real-time location-based triggers enable you to activate and reward users...

We deploy customized Level 2 + DC Fast Smart charging solutions designed to maximize every property and business value and provide a superior customer experience.

Our team of experts will handle every step of installing your custom charging station and signage.

We work together to maximize the communication with project teams during installation while syncing up construction and installation plans that best fit your needs.

We’d love to work with you!

Ready to take your property into the future? Let’s make your property the center of mobility and drive towards a more sustainable future together

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