At Universal, we are spearheading the development of a premier EV charging station advertising network. Teaming up with one of the world's foremost EV charging networks, we are introducing a thrilling new avenue for forward-thinking brands, retail establishments, cities, and technology partners. Together, we are shaping the future of mobility hubs, offering consumers seamless access to EV charging and a range of mobility services where they live, work, eat and play!.


At Universal, we're partnering with innovative brands, retail, city and technology partners to build the mobility hubs of the future, while providing consumers with convenient access to EV Charging and other mobility services where they live, work, eat and play!

The future of EV Charging
& Advertising.

We're revolutionizing the way we think about electric vehicle charging and mobility services by collaborating with top mobility, technology and brands partners to bring innovative solutions to property owners and cities. And we're not just stopping at charging – our intelligent mobility services help drive traffic, extend customer dwell time, and increase revenues for our partners.


We go beyond charging by collaborating with our real-estate and city partners to install innovative EV charging stations. Our innovative EV charging and mobility solutions bring the right visitors to your door, capturing consumers attention on the go while driving significantly more revenue for our partners . Learn how Universal is going beyond the charge and how we can drive more revenue for you, your tenants and your city, while creating a better experience for all.

Designed to Scale

Universal's EV is partnering with some of the top companies in the EV Charging and micro mobility infrastructure market. Our network is designed to grow with you, as demand rises, we will deploy new hardware to not only meet, but exceed the needs of your customers.

Seamless EV Charging Installation

Our team of experts will work together with your team to install Universal's EV digital charging station onto your properties.

Intelligent Interactive EV Charging Stations

Introducing the Universal EV charger - the most advanced digital advertising charging solution available. With dual media screens and dual cable configurations, our kiosks can charge any electric vehicle and display stunning static and dynamic ads. Partner with us to attract highly engaged visitors to your property and earn significantly more revenue than with traditional EV charging companies.

Boost Engagement & Revenue with Digital EV Charging

Real-time location-based triggers enable you to activate and reward users...



Together, we're fueling the future with captivating media that drives innovation

Together with --- Charging, we’re maximizing the full value of retail properties by transforming them into convenient EV charging destinations seamlessly integrated with visually-stunning digital advertising displays.


As pioneers in out of home advertising and retail media with over 35 years of experience, we understand a customized approach is essential. So we work closely with developers and property owners to create unique plans meeting the specific needs of each venue.