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We believe that engaging with consumers through a meaningful experience is the key to building lasting relationships and driving new business opportunity.

Powering the future of mobility experience, together!

Free Rides + Charging

Our partners provide their customers with free EV Charging, enhancing their experience as they visit and shop at your properties.


Make every user experience unique. Create a fully personalized customer journey and maintain a long-lasting relationship, predicting behaviors and meeting their preferences.

Seamless Integration

With our Plug & Play SDK and API's, we've made it easy to integrate Spark into your existing mobile application.

Experience Driven Platform

Spark’s experience-driven mobility platform uses multiple behavioral and attitudinal data sources including mobile SDK, retail purchasing, footfall, and route data to develop a detailed picture of audience activity and influences on consumer behavior

AI + Predictive Analytics

Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and predictive analytics are paving the way for intensive customer-centric data that can generate leads, increase sales and enhance the customer experience.

Increase Engagement + Revenue

Real-time location-based triggers enable you to activate and reward users...