Drive Traffic

Higher Traffic. Longer Stays.

Seemless Integration

Plug & Play Infrastructure, Spark MX SDK and API’s easily enable advanced integrations.


Make every customer experience unique.

Exclusive Discounts

Provide Personal & Nearby Rewards.

FREE Charging + Rides

Reward your most loyal customers with free rides and charging EV sessions.

Drive Enagement + Revenue

Real-time location marketing that drives engagement & generates loyalty

RT Location-Based

Real-time location-based marketing that drives engagement & generates loyalty


Unlimited personalized experiences, leveraging real-time data.

Audience Retargeting

Mapping the customer journey as they interact with your brand, enabling you to retarget them.

Drive In-Store Traffic

Leverage the power of our real-time location-based incentives and rewards to drive real-world visits to your store.

Reward Your Customers

Provide your customers with free access to EV charging and help drive a more sustainable future for all.

Gather Consumer Insights

Gain rich and unique insights into the audiences you care about.


Connect with New Brands and Stores Nearby.

Insant Redemptions

No matter how hard you look, you’ll never find better.

Rewarding Experiences

Rewarding consumer experiences that elevate the costumer journey.

Exclusive Rewards

Discover and earn rewards each time you ride with one of our mobility partners or visit a partner retail location.

VIP Perks

Free Rides, Charging Sessions and Exclusive Access.

Earn Carbon Credits

Get rewarded financially for being more environmentally friendly.