It’s Electric!

The Spark Media Network

Spark’s innovative smart digital charging stations and media platform intersect at key points within people’s daily journey through public spaces, delivering impactful messages to customers. We strategically place our smart mobility hubs in well-traveled locations at high traffic retail destinations, sporting venues, city centers and transit systems.

Smart, Sustainable, Mobility

Spark Stations

Spark Smart stations enable our brand partners to target consumers at the times and places they are most receptive to their message. Our Smart mobility hubs are placed in high traffic locations, engaging your audience with information, free WiFi, electric vehicle charging, and a host of other amenities that directly associate with your brand messaging.

Find, Engage and Reward

Your Target Audience

Spark’s innovative new experience-driven mobility platform uses multiple behavioral and attitudinal data sources including mobile SDK, retail purchasing, footfall and route data to develop a detailed picture of audience activity and influences on consumer behavior.